Nov 01 , 2018

Drinking coffee every day is good for your health

The reduction in mortality can be up to 15% from two cups a day.

Coffee is the most consumed drink in the world after water. Suffice to say that millions of people will rejoice in the results presented this Thursday in the New England Journal of Medicine , the leading international journal of medicine.

Over a period of just over thirteen years, there is a reduction in mortality related to coffee consumption of a group of 400,000 people aged 50 to 71 years. And not least, 10% less deaths from two cups a day, compared to the group of those who do not drink. The reduction is even 15% for women.

"Our study can reassure coffee drinkers," said Le Figaro Professor Neal Freedman, who led the study for the US National Cancer Institute, "but individually, you have to consult your doctor for a comprehensive diet plan, especially for coffee, especially if you have problems health". These results do not surprise Professor Jean Costentin, a member of the Academies of Medicine and Pharmacy. For him, who led a research unit for neuro-psychopharmacology for thirty years, "coffee is a good drug. It is a drug in the sense that there is an addiction. There is an obvious psychic dependence. But it is good because it is the only one that does not disrupt the psychic functioning.